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Use of the WarpNet Communications internal network and Internet gateway is a privilege.  WarpNet members are obligated to use the resources obtainable in a lawful and ethical manner.  The following policies apply to persons both internally and externally using the WarpNet Communications network and Internet gateway:
Messages, in any form, containing harassing, obscene or fraudulent content are not to originate from or be sent into the WarpNet Communications network. Harassing content is defined as a message directed at an individual or group based on their sex, race, religious beliefs, nationality, physical attributes, or personal practices. Obscene content is defined as a message containing language or other media directed at an individual or group which makes said individual or group uncomfortable.

Fraudulent content is defined as a message containing purposefully deceiving information.  This includes messages sent with the intent of obscuring the origin.

Any WarpNet member sending such messages will be warned to stop such activity.  If the activity continues, termination of the violator's account will occur.  Outside sources sending such messages will be blocked from sending any messages into the WarpNet Communications network and may face legal penalties.

Unsolicited Communications (SPAM)
WarpNet Communications does not allow unsolicited communications (or SPAM) to originate from its network.  This includes electronic mail, newsgroup postings, or other forms of communication.  Any WarpNet member participating in an activity which distributes such unsolicited communications is subject to immediate termination of their account.

Any unsolicited communications coming into the WarpNet Communications network from an outside source is unauthorized.  In severe instances, WarpNet will block incoming traffic from the offending source.

No one may deliberately consume resources for the purpose of degrading the performance of a computer system on the WarpNet Communications network or a system found through the use of the WarpNet Internet gateway.  This includes unauthorized persons using a WarpNet Internet dial-up account, as covered in the "Security" section.

No one may breach the security of a system on the WarpNet Communications network or a system that is accessed through the WarpNet Internet gateway.  This includes, but is not limited to, the use of loopholes or special knowledge of systems to gain access for the intent of damage, theft of information, or deprival of resources.

Internet access accounts provided by WarpNet are only to be used by the individuals to which they were assigned.  Anyone using an account not belonging to them is considered unauthorized.  Use by an unauthorized individual will result in immediate termination of the account.

Unlimited Internet Accounts
Each Internet access account is allowed to be logged on once.  Multiple instances of one account being logged on will result in a warning to the account holder, and in extreme circumstances, termination of the account.

WarpNet Communications defines unlimited Internet access as each account being able to be logged on up to 250 hours per month.  This is roughly equivalent to being logged on 8.5 hours a day, 7 days a week, all month long. Customers wishing to spend more than 250 hours per month on a single account will need to sign up for dedicated (always on) service. In no case will WarpNet bill a user for hourly usage or terminate an account for excessive usage.   This does not imply that an account can be logged into the system permanently. WarpNet reserves the right to disconnect the user after a certain period of time online, in which case the user has the option of reconnecting.  WarpNet also reserves the right to disconnect an account that has been idle for over thirty minutes.

Technical Support
WarpNet technical support can help solve issues related to the customer being able to successfully connect to the internet, and to send and receive email via the customer's WarpNet account. In some situations, WarpNet may request that the customer bring in their computer to be examined by technicians in our service shop and restore service to that computer system.

WarpNet cannot resolve issues related to 3rd party software, such as chat clients, messaging programs, multiplayer games, or other aspects of the computer system not directly related to WarpNet Internet access and/or email.

Technical support does not cover the use of the members' area free web space.

Account Termination
In the event of a WarpNet Internet access account being terminated, no refunds will be given for the remaining paid period of time.  Reactivation of a terminated account will only occur under special circumstances decided by the WarpNet Communications staff.

Personal & Business Web Space
WarpNet Communications provides personal and business web site space, depending upon the account type.  This space is to be used appropriately, and cannot contain illegal content, pornography, pirated software, passwords to gain entrance to another computer system, product serial numbers, or links to any such content.

Standard personal dial-up accounts include web space intended for non-commercial use.  Anyone wishing to put commercial content in their web space must upgrade to a business account.

More detailed policies will be made available upon request.  The policies found on this page directly apply to web sites hosted on a domain, however some parts do apply to web sites hosted on our members.warpnet.net and business.warpnet.net servers.

WarpNet Communications sends billing statements to annual and semi-annual customers paying cash or check by US Mail on the first of the month. Statements will not be mailed to monthly cash/check customers, they are responsible for sending in payment each month. Credit and debit cards are billed on the tenth of every month.  Billing of credit and debit cards is automatic unless authorization each month (or after prepaid contract period) is requested by the member. WarpNet does not send email notification prior to or following billing for any type of account.

In the event a WarpNet member wishes to cancel his or her service, written notice is recommended to be delivered to WarpNet Communications' place of business via mail or hand delivery, at least thirty days prior to the date of cancellation, unless arranged in advance with WarpNet Communications. The account will remain active until the paid duration has expired.
No refunds will be issued after 10 days, from the start of an account.


WarpNet Communications is not responsible for individual, Business, or cooperate losses that occur due to outages or down time. Regardless whether the outage is due to problems with our providers equipment or our equipment.

WarpNet Communications is not responsible for any phone charges applied to a persons' phone bill from usage of the Internet.  It is the responsibility of the individual accessing WarpNet to determine if there will be additional phone charges.

WarpNet Communications is not responsible for any damage done to an individuals' computer from use of the Internet.  This includes virus, worms, and other harmful files that could be downloaded off of other systems.

WarpNet Communications is not responsible for illegal activities conducted by its members.  This includes fraud, child pornography, and breaching the security of systems on the Internet.  WarpNet will fully cooperate with authorities in the event such activities occur.

WarpNet Communications is not responsible for lost or undeliverable email messages or other data loss that may occur under any circumstances.

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