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  What Our Customers are saying,,,

Warpnet operates the fastest, most reliable Internet Services available anywhere including the Chicagoland, North East and, Central Illinois areas.  What sets Warpnet ahead of other ISP's is our Support Staff and Our High Speed Network. 

Here's what our customers are saying!

Below are some of the unsolicited comments we've received from our users.

To Lee

Many thanks for the help provided by you and your associates. The operation of this computer has become a pleasure..              

Bob C    Springfield


Congratulations on your national coverage. I have suggested to my sister in Florida and brother in California that they check it out. I have been a subscriber since the day I got my computer. I found Warpnet in the Chicago yellow pages 20 months ago. I managed to get four of my friends to switch to warpnet. Love the extra 8 months I earned. I just sent you my check for another 12 months.
Phil H

Great Job

In today's world, all to often all we hear are complaints but rarely the Good-Job. I'm here to give the "Good-Job"!!!!

I have been a user now for 1 month and I have never been more satisfied with a service. Your connection speeds are 49K-54K. Never a busy tone, never a down time. So far, you seemed to have kept your focus on the customer. really great work and I hope the service continues to be this good.

Thanks for your hard work!!

J Hotz


Great Service  Thanks!!

W  Bruse

Thank you Warpnet

I've been on every ISP there is and have had nothing but problems. Your crack support staff knew immediately that I needed a new modem and they installed one the same day for free and the modem was only $20. I could not believe that any one could do this so fast and for so little. I was on the Internet that night and its fast, you guys are the fastest network in town. 


Carin M

Hi Neal

I wanted everyone at Warpnet to know that I love your service.  I've been with Warpnet  for over 5 years now and haven't had any problems.  Warpnet is constantly making its system easier,  faster, and more reliable for its customers.  Warpnet is by far the fastest service I've ever used "and I've tried them all" your techsupport is right there whenever any a problems arises. I don't have a problem at all sending business your way.  I just wanted to say thanks for the great service and the unbeatable price you provide me and all your customers.

A Very Happy Customer,

C McElrath 

Very Satisfied

Just a note to tell you I am very satisfied with your internet service.  People rarely take the time to say when things are going well, because that is what we expect.  I was just noticing that I always get through and the service is always fast and the site is never down... I appreciate that and wanted to tell you, keep up the good work, your efforts do not go unnoticed!!


C Allen 

Problem Solved

I have been on one of your competitors for 31/2 years and there system got slower and slower and I received many busy signals. I called Warpnet to find out if you could help after calling my EX-ISP which all I ever get is voice mail. I was so amazed that you guys answer the phone that I tried your system. I purchased a year subscription after I found out how fast Warpnet is I'm amazed. 
I will never go back to voice mail and incompetent tech support again . Thank you for all your help and keep up the good work.  

John H

Warpnet is the best

Hello, I just felt like saying that Warpnet is the best service provider that I have ever had.   I've bounced around several local ISP, and many of the big ones like Earthlink, MSN, and AOL, and though they may all have the fast connections, but Warpnet has the best throughput of any service provider.  I  never have any traffic problems.  I guess I just want to say, great job.

Gary  A    



Thanks Mike .  Last night I was on the phone for 2-1/2 hours with my "old service provider" trying to get connected due to some problem on their end.  The first thing I did when I finally got on was to log onto your web site and sign up.  Then today I spent 2 minutes speaking on the phone with one of your tech's to get the info I needed to connect and connected as soon as I got home no more searching I finally feel at home.  This is UTOPIA!!!

Chuck P      Berwyn


I was with a national ISP for the last 5 years and it had become difficult to maintain connections and a good rapport with their tech support.  This year I been down to an around a 50% success rate connecting to their network. Their tech support has been less than helpful. A short time after switching to Warpnet, your tech support diagnosed my problem and got me going in no time.

Thank you's to all who make the Warpnet system  run so smooth.

Tom F    

Job well done

I just wanted to let you know that your service is fantastic. I have been on for 1 year now and I really enjoy it.    I have had a couple phone conversations with support and everyone has been great. The customer service at Warpnet is awesome. Job well done, and I will be telling all my friends.

N Moon 


Warpnet's customer service exceeded my high standards, and there performance is incredible. You guys have great connection speeds and incredible throughput even at peak times. THANKS!!!

Keep up the great work

M Hemberger 

Great Support.

 Mike and Bill are always very helpful and they are very patient. Its a pleasure to speak to them and get their assistance.  Thanks for all the help guys!

J Allen 



I recently called Warpnet to purchase a pre-paid connection for a year, for my mother and was amazed at the service of your staff. I talked to Mike and he took my information and said he would put the disk in the mail that afternoon. Well, the disk was delivered so fast a day before Christmas 
that it was just amazing. This was a great Christmas present for a retired Chicago teacher. I am sure she will have an enjoyable time using your service. Her grandchildren also use your service and find it in there words "THE BOMB". Thank you again for the wonderful service for the Christmas present.  

Bill S

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